You're more than just a small business.

Our mission is to give families & their businesses an effective way to share their legacy with the community.

Obstacles on the Journey to Your Dreams

Figuring out how to market your passion is difficult and time consuming.

90% of consumers judge a business by their social media or website when deciding where to spend their money.

What We Believe

Help our communities thrive by supporting local businesses.

Rise above the ratings with more reasons for people to visit your business.

Every business has a story to tell. Tell yours in seconds.

Save time and manage your communications with ease and confidence.

Our Vision & Goals

Purq was created to help small businesses save time and communicate anything they’d like to customers, in real-time.

Our goal is to make business owners feel Empowered, Supported, and Creative.

Purq Leadership

Rahmie | Cofounder & CCO

DC Native

Rahmie (rae•me) is a user experience designer @ The Education Advisory Board, proudly crafting tools in higher education for students and advisors. Aspiring to build co-creative relationships within communities - Rae strives to hold space for strong communities and empowered business owners.

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Zack | Cofounder & CEO


Zack grew up above The Harvey House, his family restaurant in Baltimore, MD. The restaurant closed in 1993, leaving a void in his life and inspiring him to follow his passion to serve and support others.  Zack has 15+ years of experience in technology design and dedicates his career to helping families start businesses to achieve their dreams.

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